South Tyrolean

To a good South Tyrolean "marende" of course, the crispy "Schüttelbrot" may not be missing. (Marende is a cold Vesper meal)
The South Tyrolean Schüttelbrot is a thin, hard and crispy flatbread. According to an old tradition, the Schüttelbrot is made from rye flour, water, yeast, salt and various spices (fennel, aniseed, bread clover). The raw dough pieces are shaken by hand on round wooden boards. Then they are baked crispy at a low temperature.
By baking, it retains its shape, becomes hard and dry and thus remains very durable.
For centuries, the Schüttelbrot was prepared in this way on the South Tyrolian farms, because there has baked bread only a few times a year.
The Schüttelbrot tastes best to a traditional "Marende" with South Tyrolean bacon, smoked meats, cheese and a glass of red wine.
It is also delicious on a hike in the South Tyrolean mountains.

A true pleasure and at the same time a small strengthening meal.

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