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Earth pyramids Renon
You’ll find the best-known and most beautiful earth pyramids in Renon/Ritten situated between Lengmoos and Mittelberg Mountain. They are pointed at the tops and rise an incredible 30 meters into the air, forming a surreal, mythical landscape where fairies and elves could easily be at home. Actually, the Renon Earth Pyramids are made of moraine clay from the late Ice Age, created by the main glacier of the Eisacktal Valley and a local side glacier. The pyramids were weathered out of the steep mountainsides, which were washed out—literally. The higher the wall is and the higher the stone in it, the stronger the pyramid. How long does it take for an earth pyramid to form is difficult to say, since many different factors have to work in tandem in order for it to happen. It is also known how old an earth pyramid can be. One thing is certain, though: if the capstone of the pyramid falls, the material of the column—unprotected—will shrink every time it rains, like a snowman in the sun. However, where an ice pyramid "dies", the next will be "born"—over and over again.
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