You sleep better in pine beds. Holiday on a South Tyrolean farm in winter

The pine wood brings the beauty of the Alps into your own home. Swiss stone pine products smell wonderful and have a positive effect on people.
The farmers have known about the good "effect" of Swiss stone pine for many centuries. The ancient "Zirbenstuben" testify to it. Beautiful Swiss stone pine parlours are the heart of the farmhouses in South Tyrol. Especially in winter, the good parlour is a feel-good room for the whole family. The decorative processing of Swiss stone pine wood has an old tradition and is a piece of culture in the Alpine region. Developed with beautiful design as well as worked out with craftsman's care, a parlour, a bedroom made of stone pine wood is a timelessly beautiful and sustainable furnishing with royal stone pine scent.
After a study scientifically proved the relaxing effect of stone pine, it was rediscovered. Especially for the bedroom the very aromatic smelling wood is very popular. The stone pine grows very slowly and becomes very old. The wood is soft, fine-fibred and easy to work with. Typical is the very decorative, knot-rich grain. All kinds of products from wardrobes, slatted frames, beds, chest of drawers to beautiful decorative items are extremely popular. The pine cones, seeds and needles are used to make schnapps and liqueurs. With a pillow filled with fragrant stone pine shavings or a scented oil, the wood-like scent of stone pine comes into our everyday life.
The effect of pine wood has been investigated in detail. In all test persons a positive effect on heart and circulation and sleep quality was determined in the sleep. Heavily loaded persons recovered faster in beds wirh stone pine no weather sensitivity was determined. The stone pine and its good effect embrace it in the sleep. If one sleeps in a stone pine bed or with a bed cover with stone pine chips or pillows with stone pine chips takes one the wonderful forest smell also into the sleep. A wonderful feeling why not try out the effect of the stone pine, it does not have to be the whole apartment made of stone pine wood.
Enjoy the effect of the stone pine in the winter vacation at the farm in a vacation home furnished with stone pine. You will feel the power of the Queen of the Alps.
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