From the funny and scary masks, to the delicious donuts, "almost" everything is allowed at this time.

Carnival is in the time between Christmas and Easter Holidays.
The “Fasnacht” is the period of joyous and jovial parties and the funniest moment of the year. It is a period of positive change for the society, in which people like to meet and play around with friends.
Young and not anymore young people feel the wish to cross dress and take distractions from every day life.
In many places in South Tyrol, several associations organize funny Carnival parades.
The Carnival Tuesday, Renon’s associations organize a beautiful parade with many masks and floats decorated with every color. Many local children and adults like to take part to the parade.
During Carnival time you can’t miss the traditional Carnival “Krapfen", the typical sweet donut made of with risen dough and filled in with apricot jam. You can find Carnival donuts filled in with vanilla or chocolate creams too.
With the night between the Shrove Tuesday and the Ash Wednesday this foolish and noisy time comes to an end and begins the Lent, the time of sacrifice.
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