Forest holiday on the south tyrolean farm

Go into the forest for yourself... Called forest bathing... hello tree... or whatever you want to call it. One thing is for sure: do you go into the forest full of stress … do you come out relaxed.
It is incredibly beautiful, the slow happenings in the forest come true, the further you go into the forest the more you lose your thoughts of everyday stress. If you are standing in the middle of the forest, you remember your childhood, the beautiful adventures with the children of your neighbourhood in the forest, your thoughts revolve around beautiful experiences, nature, peace, contentment. Nature has a calming effect on you. It is worth a try, walk barefoot through the forest and concentrate completely on the forest floor. Automatically your thoughts circle around the forest, the voices in the forest, the mossy soft ground, mushrooms and berries an many more.
By walking very slowly in the forest we perceive nature with different eyes. Suddenly you discover an ant trapped in a spider's web or a beetle looking for a way through the forest floor.
In everyday stress we often forget what it is like to think of nothing. To stroll there and perceive the forest with all your senses. The forest walk helps you to find solutions for your everyday problems. You breathe deeper, become freer and live for a short time only for yourself.
The countless diversity of the forest floor, the trees, the flora and then the twittering of birds leaves you no room for your problems - they disappear. You are happy about the beautiful red fly agaric even if it is not enjoyable, the many mosses and lichens and of course the big trees that protect you. Lean with your back against your favourite tree and feel the energy that strengthens you. Maybe you're a little afraid, if you walked deep in the forest to find out again, afraid to wake up again.
Forest bathing steers you consciously away from thinking and and let you experience the forest with all your senses.

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