My cottage garden at the Lärchhof, a small oasis of wellbeing.

The farmer has an unlimited play area in which a colourful mixture of vegetable, herb and ornamental plants thrive. A wildly romantic jumble of shapes and colours, a mixture of scents and aromas. Even though the cottage garden looks natural, it is well thought out and planned.
The plants are selected with great expertise, and skilfully planted side by side, so that the plants protect and support each other, deep rooters with shallow rooters in a row. Fragrant herbal mixtures sprout between the rows of vegetables, lush, colourful ornamental plants line the beds and attract many bees and other useful insects. The insect hotel is an ideal habitat for tiny animals. On hot days it hums and buzzes with joy for the environment.

The farming family benefits from this small farm garden with fresh, healthy vegetables, fruits and berries for daily consumption. A whole range of medicinal and aromatic herbs can be planted in a very small space. These bring the power and energy of summertime to the table even in winter, and can be best preserved as tea, herbal salt or in various extracts.

I always find it pleasant and relaxing and, above all, exciting to work in the farm garden. Pleasure at work is important to me, and the plants sense that. The weather, the sprouting, the soil, the available time, all this affects the cottage garden and I try to obtain a good result from it. Management close to nature is particularly important to me. The farm garden is constantly changing from spring through to late autumn, much to the delight of family and house guests.

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