The farm museum

People have always tried to use devices to make their work easier. Due to the modern achievements of the last few decades, many tools and everyday objects that have made life easier for hundreds of years are no longer needed and have been forgotten.
With our farm museum we have tried to give these tools and everyday objects a place and to preserve them.
Many valuable things have already been destroyed or broken over the years, but we have collected and kept everything that is still in good condition in our farm museum.

Our small farm museum is divided into several areas.
In one part, we show devices for processing wood, which has always been an important handicraft branch on a farm.
One area is also dedicated to the preparation of food such as bread, wine and the processing of meat.

Of course, the cultivation of the fields and meadows was particularly important on a farm, for which we have also collected a large number of tools for humans works and animals works
The highlight of our museum is definitely the mill, which is still fully functional and can be used to grind and break grain.

Definitely worth a visit.
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