Nature, the best guide of life

Nature is the basis of our existence. Nature delights us, inspires us and teaches us to treat it with care.
For many people, the intimate relationship with nature has become almost alien. The maintenance of health of body, mind and soul is more and more abandoned. We humans are also part of nature. With nature and fresh air one can increase the well-being of the body. Especially when hiking you can decelerate and get to know and enjoy the beauties of nature. There is always something new.

In spring, the birds are chirping, the air is mild, the streams are awakening, and the flowers are tentatively popping their heads out of the ground. We are especially happy about fresh, fragrant herbs that can be found along the way.

In summer, nature warms our body, so that we can fill up a lot of vitamin D and with light clothes we can enjoy the many mountains, hills and hiking trails. Crickets and birds play a concert for us. Natural lakes (near us you can find the Wolfsgrubner lake) are inviting for a swim.
For us dairy farmers summer means that the hay harvest is brought in... oh how that smells...

Autumn influences us with a lot of colorful things, the play of colors in the forest and the trees, the majestic evening glow on the mountains we can admire every day. Gardens are full of ripe vegetables, apples are glowing full of color on the trees, in the vineyards grapes are ready for harvest. It is a delightful feeling for us farmers, unless Mother Nature has broken something with storms. The farm buildings and cellars should be well filled in the fall....and then the winter can come.

Winter teaches us to take it down a notch. Humans also need time off. When the forests and meadows are covered with snow, it is time to read a good book in the warmth of the living room. Overall, nature teaches us to treat it with care throughout the year. Despite the cold, we should go out into nature every day, open our eyes, and soak up the beauty. That's simply good for the body and mind.

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