The lime tree

At the fountain outside the gate, there stands a lime tree...this old folk song has created a prominent monument to the lime tree and it is closely linked to human history.
The lime tree is interpreted as a tree of lovers and motherhood. It provides shade, comfort and community.
The lime tree is one of the most popular trees on many South Tyrolean farms and is a symbol of tradition and nature.

Farm holidays on the Ritten allow you to experience the natural beauty of the lime tree.

What does the flower of the lime tree blossom give us?
The blossoming lime trees in early summer exude a sweet, honey-like scent and attract bees in particular. The flowers have many culinary and medicinal uses: they can be used to brew a tasty, cold-relieving, antipyretic, sleep- and digestion-promoting tea. Lime blossom can also be used for anti-inflammatory tinctures.
After a hike in winter in the cold or rain, it is advisable to take a hot foot bath and drink a cup of sweetened lime blossom tea to prevent a cold.
The tender, young and thin lime leaves can be used to make bread.

The lime tree
Then I close my eyes and sit in a dream
on the bench in front of the house under the lime tree,
my heart rests from the hustle and bustle of the noisy world
and is finally at home again!
Then the lime tree sings me its ancient song,
its words are so close to my heart:
"I have bloomed again every year,
whatever happened on earth.
The scent of my blossoms, my lime green dress
have touched people's hearts for ages!

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