Südtirol Speck

If you are visiting South Tyrol, there is one thing you just can’t miss out on: savoring an original South Tyrolean “Marende”, the hearty farmer’s afternoon snack.
Speck, a smoked raw ham, is a brand product in South Tyrol. Most farmers make their own Speck and “Kaminwurzen” (smoked sausages). A hearty afternoon snack never fails to include these two goodies. Their making is a lengthy and sophisticated process. The pigs are butchered and their meat processed around Christmas time. The meat is divided into the so-called “Mezet”(half-carcase) and the “Schlegl” (ham). The latter is laid in a salt marinade and left to rest for 8-10 days. Then, hung unto bars, the Speck is brought to the “Selch”, the smoking chamber. The Speck must be air-dried and dehydrated at a cool temperature. At Easter, the Speck is brought to the cellar and left to cure and mature. The whole process takes about 6 months. The Kaminwurz, made from pork sausage meat, is also produced around Christmas. Every farmer typically has his own recipe for this. These sausages are smoked or simply just air-dried.
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