The wonderfull nature

The silence of nature, loneliness and a sky that is magically immersed in a wide range of colors:
nothing is as romantic as a sunrise. A moment that has a very special magic. After an adventurous ascent in the dark of the night, armed with a headlamp, you finally reach the round table on the Panoramaweg on the Rittner Horn or even the refuge on the Upper Horn. Then the spectacle begins: First it is only a delicate, bright glow that shines around the mountain peaks like a mysterious aura, then the first sparkling rays of light venture out to break through the deep blue, and finally a golden ball slowly appears, whose luminosity makes us blink at first, but at the same time makes us awesome. We just sit there. Enjoy. And marvel. If you spend your holiday on the Renon, you should not miss a sunrise tour on the Rittner Horn. Enjoy the breathtaking natural spectacle against a unique mountain backdrop and recharge your batteries for the new day. Then reward yourself with a romantic breakfast, for example in one of the mountain inns.

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