Excursion - Merano for a day

You may have come to South Tyrol for the nature. Yet suddenly you're missing the city? Let the mountains be mountains for one (not too sunny) day and take the train to the beautiful city of Merano. Here are a few recommends on how to spend your day in Merano. Ready?
Merano is a city full of contrasts and history. You can notice the fact that Merano's population is 50% German- and 50% Italian-speaking as soon as you walk to Merano's old town. Next to buildings in the imperial Habsburg style there are Italian restaurants. Between palm trees and cypresses you can follow in the footsteps of intellectuals like Franz Kafka. Merano as a spa city has always been a destiny for the rich and beautiful with lung problems especially the Habsburg high society such as Empress Sissi. And did you know that one of the most famous mummies in the world was found just an hour's drive away? Even this glacier mummy called „Ötzi“ seemed to benefit from the climate there, so what are you waiting for?
First things first: coffee. Start your day in Merano with a visit to the Café Wandelhalle and enjoy the tranquillity of the historic Art Nouveau walls. Here, along the open gallery with paintings by various artists, people used to stroll and enjoy themselves. After the coffee break you'll be ready for a bit of history and culture. For those who like contemporary art “Merano Arte Kunst Meran” is the place to go. If you're more interested in women's history the „Frauenmuseum“ is a must. Also the Jewish history of Merano is definitely worth exploring (even for locals, by the way!). This is where the largest Jewish community in South Tyrol is located which before the 30s counted over 300 members. After facing all the harassment and deportations during the Nazi era, nowadays there are still about 50 members registered. In addition to the synagogue, Schillerstraße is also home to the Jewish Museum which is always open in the mornings (except Saturday and Sunday). To commemorate the murdered Jews of Merano there is also a memorial in the courtyard of Otto-Huber-Straße 36.
For those who still want to fill one or two gaps in their knowledge we recommend browsing through the books in the bookstore „Alte Mühle“ before lunch.
We as South Tyroleans celebrate our meals. You can do so too in one of the city’s numerous restaurants and trattorias. After an aperitif on the beautiful terrace of “METEO” we recommend the pizza at “La Smorfia”. If you're looking for an oasis of well-being far from the hustle and bustle we recommend the pasta of the day at “Ottmangut”. Better call ahead to find out what's on that day because the menu is rather minimalist. Yet we have never been disappointed by the taste here. And best of all: you share the enchanted Mediterranean garden with two turtles making their rounds there. Worth every penny!
After lunch you can stretch your legs on the „Tappeinerweg“. There you can also take a break at one of the wineries and try some local wines. For those who are too lazy to go for a walk, we recommend choosing a café on the „Passer Promenade“, the best place to have your first or second Aperol Spritz. Or perhaps a glass of wine? On the way there you can make a stop at the strange bronze bust on the promenade. The mouth- and hairless German writer Franz Kafka was created by artist Urs Lüthi. If you want to extend the aperitivo experience to another place you should add Bottega del Pincho's onto your list. Just a few metres from the Passer towards the city centre....
If you haven't yet filled your stomach with olives, tramezzini and piadina you might still be looking for a dinner restaurant. Of course we have something for you. The Trattoria Flora for example, specialized in Veneto cuisine is a hot recommendation or if you have a car you could also check out IM KULT in Marling near Merano. In the bistro and concept store IM KULT design and art meets delicious food. You can find beautiful gifts in the store and if you are lucky there is an art or cultural event taking place in one of the artists' studios.
Night Out:
If you're not ready to hit the hay by now you could check out the evening programme at the „Ost West Club Est Ovest“ which is an old institution for the alternative scene in South Tyrol. Besides concerts there are always events by local art and cultural initiatives.
Covered by new impressions, warm rays of sunshine and German-Italian flair you can now happily go back to your hotel or apartment. We wish you a (spa) good night’s sleep!
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