Why children like so much spending their vacations in a farm holidays ??

Children are curious by nature but their curiosity increases much more soon after their arrival at the farm.

House, yard, lawns, trees, animals, playgrounds, machineries, equipment….for them everything is new, so they are longing to discover and have a lot of fun.

They hardly forget the vacation had and go back home full of unforgettable memories.

In front of the house there are apple and plum trees to which children climb to pick up and eat the fruits.

Most of the farms are provided with a large watering trough which, for children, means a real big fun temptation to play with water among each other.

Hens are left free to scratch around on the lawns during the day, thus making the eggs often laid here and there and making the children very happy to find them !!

The birth of a calf always is an exciting event for children; something they want to live no matter what, even in the case of a night time birth.

Most of the children are so much enjoying their vacations to seem to be never enough satisfied of their discoveries .. they want to assist and help milking, taste the just milked and still hot milk, feed the calves, the little cats and much more.

Rabbits are happy to jump up and down in their pen among the fresh dandelions, while pigs grunt waiting to be fed.

The sound of the engine machine turned on by the farmer is a signal for the children to be immediately up and fully awake to be at farmer’s side on the fields and help him to make hay and potatoes.

But … and there is a but !! … for all this big help they receive from the farmer’s wife homemade bread, homemade jam, a raspberry slice of cake or elderberry juice !!

During winter months children can enjoy themselves by sledging on the snowfields, play with snow balls, make snowmen and, at the end of the day, finally relax. With eyes full of happiness for the fun had and ruddy cheeks they are ready to go back to their warm apartment and enjoy the evening in a cuddling atmosphere with the rest of the family.

Surely boredom is not for children!!

Leaving the farm is always quite difficult for most of the children so that many have already programmed for the following year.

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