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Livestock-breeding in Renon/Ritten
Livestock-breeding in Renon/Ritten
The small structures of the farms that practice livestock-breeding make it possible to take care about every single animal. Most of the farms raise cattle specifically for milk production, but also sheep, goats, horses and pigs are very popular. In the summertime the farmers bring their animals to mountain pastures. By running their farm in harmony with nature the farmers are able to produce products of high quality. The animals enjoy their time off on high pastures with fresh grass, and the milk they produce gets a very special flavour.
Try how it is being a farmer
Try how it is being a farmer
Feeding three times a day, cleaning up the enclosure and most important: a lot of cuddling. Even the most urban kid immediately falls in love while playing around and petting the animals. Animals are uncomplicated, they keep the secrets you share with them and do not judge you. And like they would say “thank you for caring” they purr or lick carefully – and win the children's hearts.
Solitary animals, establish a hierarchy by pecking each other
  • M. Rooster, F. Hen, Y. Chicks
  • Use: Eggs and meat
  • Food: Grain, snails, worms, insects, plant parts
  • Super senses: Eyes, they are very sensitive to ultraviolet light
  • Reproduction: Chicks hatch after 21 days
They get rid of parasites by taking a dust-bath.
Solitary animals, rodents
  • M. Buck, F. Doe, Y. Kitten
  • Use: Meat and coat
  • Food: Grass, hay, vegetables, salad, grain
  • Super senses: Sense of hearing
  • Reproduction: After 30 days 4 – 12 kitten see the light of day
Rabbits and cavies are timid creatures that startle fairly easily, especially when someone tries to grab them.
Solitary animals, rodents
  • Food: Grass, hay, vegetables and grain
  • Super senses: Wide angle of vision (340°) and they see in partial colour
They do not like the glare of the sun
Family of felids
  • M. Tom/Tomcat, F. Cat, Y. Kitten
  • Food: Meat, milk, mice
  • Super senses: Cats have excellent night vision and whiskers
  • Reproduction: After 63 days 3 – 6 kittens see the light of day
On a farm cats are held to catch the nasty mice.
Descent from wolves
  • Use: Shepherd dog, for protecting the farm and hunting
  • Food: Meat, vegetables, grain
  • Super senses: Olfactory sense ranging from one hundred thousand to one million times more sensitive than a humans
  • Reproduction: After 63 days 3 – 6 puppies see the light of day
Very popular family member
Solitary animals, highly social and intelligent, strong sense of hierarchy
  • M. Boar, F. Sow, Y. Piglets
  • Use: Meat, “Speck”
  • Food: Omnivore
  • Super senses: Sense of smell, the snout is a very acute sense organ
  • Reproduction: After 115 days 8-14 piglets see the light of day
Pigs fattened for their meat (6 – 9 months old) can weigh between 100 and 140 kg.
They love places where they can wallow in mud.
Solitary animals, odd-toed ungulates
  • M. Stallion, F. Mares, Y. Foal
  • Use: Draft animal, riding
  • Food: Grass, hay, oat, barley
  • Super senses: The eyes are positioned on the side of their heads, a vision of more than 350°.  Each ear can rotate up to 180°, they hear 360° without moving their head
  • Reproduction: A mare carries the foal for about 11 months
Horses are able to sleep standing up.
Favourite animal of many kids, especially girls

How horses communicate with their ears
  • Ears pinned back are a sign of aggressiveness – do not come closer!
  • Forward ears indicate alertness.
  • They move their ears, eyes wide open: I am scared.
Solitary animals, ruminants, family of bovidae, even-toed ungulates
  • M. Bucks/Billies/Rams, F. Does/Nannies, Y. Kids
  • Use: Meat, milk, coat
  • Food: Leaves, herbs, bark, saplings, buds, grass
  • Super senses: Seeing, olfaction and tactile sense
  • Reproduction: After 150 days 1 – 3 kids see the light of day
Goats are curious and very good climbers
Solitary animals, ruminants, family of bovidae, even-toed ungulates
  • M. Bull, F. Cow, Y. Calves
  • Use: Draft animal, meat, milk, hide, leather and horns
  • Food: Grass, hay, silage, grain
  • Super senses: Hearing and olfaction
  • Reproduction: After 9 months the cow has a calf
Cattle eats between 30 e 50 kg of hay, drinks 100 l of water and gives 40 l of milk per day.
Solitary animals, ruminants, family of bovidae, even-toed ungulates
  • M. Ram/Wether, F. Ewe, Y. Lamb
  • Use:  wool, meat, milk
  • Food: Grass, leaves, bark
  • Super senses: Seeing and olfaction
  • Reproduction: After 150 days 1-2 lambs see the light of day
Sheep are very good landscapers.
Kids program!
Kids program!
Let's get friends with cat, dog and cow:
A holiday on a farm is the only way to get in touch with their favourite animals for many kids. With big eyes and happy as they can be kids help the farmers work the stable, feed cattle and pigs and cuddle with rabbits. And while spending a couple of days on a farm they have the chance to ask questions upon questions, which our farmers will answer with pleasure.
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