Schlern - the stone landmark of South Tyrol.

The Dolomites, which have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than 10 years, are the most beautiful mountains in the world, says the famous South Tyrolean extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner. This includes the most visited mountain in South Tyrol - the Schlern.
This includes the most visited mountain in South Tyrol - the Schlern. This stony, stick-shaped colossus with two "horns" protrudes east of the Eisacktal with its unmistakable silhouette. It is located in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park and the Alpe di Siusi nature reserve. The Alpe di Siusi is the largest alpine pasture in Europe (56 km²) and the nature park covers an area of 7,291 hectares.

In the middle is the Schlern. It is only 2.564m high - but because of its characteristic shape it acts a stone landmark of South Tyrol. Even some South Tyrolean products adorn themselves with the Schlern as a trademark.
The plateau of the Schlern is covered with grass and herbs and is considered as pasture for animals. Even in prehistoric times, it can be proven that in the summer animals were driven up by farmers of the Sciliar area and spent the summer there. If one goes from Völs using the „Prügeleweg“to Schlern, one almost does not believe that cattle can make by this stony way to the pasture on Schlern. The peasants still hold on to this tradition of the very cumbersome walk for humans and animals.
The highest point of the Schlern is the Petz, from where you have a breathtaking foresight. Toward the east, the mountain ridge drops steeply and looks similar to the Gran Canyon. Further out is the Burgstallerwand, which breaks off straight. You can look down to the Völser Weiher without fear of heights.
In 1880 a young guy from Bolzano stayed for a summer holiday in the Schlern area. This big spike, which until now seemed to be indomitable, did it to him. On the 2nd of July Johann Santner climbed, and he actually managed to beat the 2,413m high spike. Since then she's called Santnerspitze. 4 years later, Gustav Euringer became the first man to beat the 2nd "horn". So the two „horns“ of Sciliar are called the Santner and Euringer spikes. On top of the Schlern there is a large shelter - the „Schlernhaus“. There you will be served and can spend the night. Several hiking trails and climbing routes lead to Schlern. Here are some suggestions:
1- the classic way via the Alpe di Siusi and the tourist trail to Schlern.
2- the 9.5 km long "Geologensteig" leads from Bad Ratzes - Prossliner Schwaige to Schlern.
3- from the Völser Weiher over „Prügeleweg“ and „Sesselschwaige“ to Schlern.
4- from Bad Ratzes to the „Schlernbödelehütte“, from there via „Gamssteig“ to Schlern. On this tour you should be free from giddiness, as you pass a few airy rock passage.
5- from Tiers via Tschamintal through Bärenloch to Schlern: this hike is very long and requires good condition and surefootedness.
6- from the Seiseralm via Tierseralpl to Schlern.
... and many more insider tours take you to this huge boulder that you absolutely must have climbed.
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