Land and soil

Every day a football field...
With its mountains and valleys, with its hills and rivers, with its villages and hamlets, with its rock faces and alpine pastures, South Tyrol represents one of the most varied and diverse natural and cultural landscapes in Europe.
This diversity and the favorable geographical location enable South Tyrol to offer a wide range of leisure and employment opportunities. Tourism, agriculture, crafts, industry, leisure activities, roads, settlements, alpine pastures and forests... All this has to find its place in a small land like South Tyrol, even though most of the country is not usable due to the mountains.
For this reason there is an acute shortage of land and soil in South Tyrol. Companies want to expand, hotels want to increase the number of beds, locals want to build their own homes, politicians want to realize prestige buildings. Land is constantly needed for all these projects.
An evaluation by the South Tyrolean Farmers' Association, which proves that the area of a football field in South Tyrol is lost every day due to construction, is particularly alarming. In most cases, agricultural land in the immediate vicinity of towns and villages falls victim to construction, with lasting landscape and ecological consequences.
In order to continue to preserve the beauty and diversity of South Tyrol, it will be necessary for all those involved to rethink their views, better today than tomorrow.
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