Dirt and dust increase the body's defenses - healthy farm air

What many farmers have known for a long time has now been scientifically proven: dirt and dust from stables and barns are healthy.
The holiday family from the German city has arrived at their holiday destination. As soon as you get out of the car you can already hear: "Oh, this country air".
Some "stink" when he enters the stable of the farm where he is on vacation. And this country air with all its smells is so healthy and exactly what leads many vacationers to spend their vacation on a farm.
The stable air is so healthy, especially for allergy sufferers. Children who grow up on a farm or spend more vacation time on a farm are less likely to suffer from allergies. This could be proven by several studies.
The dirt and dust on a farm is also good for the antibodies and thus for strengthening the immune system. This is especially true for children, since the immune system is built up in early childhood and antibodies against various pathogens first have to be formed.
Jumping hay, petting calves, cuddling with rabbits and cats - what is healthier for body and mind.
So there are many good reasons to exchange the city polluted with exhaust gases for healthy country air for one or two weeks.

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