Habitat nature - the insect hotel

The diversity of nature ... It offers living space for humans and animals. For humans it means rest and relaxation, enables us to take a break from everyday life and enjoy ourselves. It represents the habitat for animals.
Without animals and insects, there would be no recreational zone for humans either. Insects in
particular are extremely important for our nature. More and
more are threatened with extinction and have to contend with
a rapidly changing environment and climate change. Wild
bees, bumblebees, lacewings and other insects are just a few
of them.
But insects do not only have an important role in the wild.
They also help to maintain an ecological balance in the
garden. Their tasks include, for example, pollinating the
flowers of a wide variety of plants, and eating pests and larvae.
The insect hotel is useful for helping insects to survive and
provides them with a nesting aid for overwintering. Wild bees,
wasps and other insects also find a safe shelter here. In the insect hotel you will find a protected breeding and living space. This is made possible by filling the individual "rooms" with
different natural materials such as straw, drilled round wood,
pine cones, tree beard, wood bark and much more. Each
material attracts a different species of insect with individual
With little effort, an insect hotel can help conserve species
and do something good for the environment. In addition, the
insect hotel is a real eye-catcher in the garden.
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