Rural crafts

The broom made of birch twigs - "Birchen Besen"
The “Birchen Besen” has almost been forgotten. There was a person on each farm who learned this trade. Most of the time, this activity has become common from generation to generation.
There were very strict rules on how and when birch sticks were cut. The phases of the moon and even the zodiac sign had to be exactly correct. They were cut with the descending moon. In the cold winter months, when there was not much work on the farm, the farmer had time to prepare the birch branches in the stable. Every single branch was carved and prepared with care.
Depending on the thickness of the sticks, they were placed in small packages and then tied with larger sticks. The peasants used thread to tie them.
A hazelnut stick served as a handle.
This broom named “Birchen Besen” is very suitable for the yard and barn.

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