Anyone who has ever owned a pet can confirm what an enrichment such a companion can be in life.
"If the animal is healthy, the human is happy."

There is some truth hidden in this saying.
A wide variety of farm animals and pets are kept on South Tyrol's farms. Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, and others are bred and for the most part sold.
But cats and dogs, rabbits and chickens also live on a farm and usually belong to the farm family as very loyal and good friends. What do farm children themselves gain by growing up with these 4- or 2-legged furry or feathery friends?
Animals can be a great help to a child's spirit in a crisis. Even for us adults, for example, a soft purr from a cat and petting it has a very calming effect.

Guest children on our farms are often very excited to get to know the different animal species and to help with feeding or work in the stable and field. In the process, they experience how a rabbit nips at a carrot and where a hen has hidden her eggs.
They also realize that there are no "dumb" cows, but that cattle are intelligent and sensible animals have clear rules among themselves. Mother cows, for example, immediately place themselves protectively in front of their calf as soon as strangers approach. Through daily contact with the animals, a farmer can show kids that even cattle have very different character traits. There is the calm one, the wild one, the boss one, and the somewhat crazy one, just like with us humans. They can also express their displeasure quite well, you just have to understand it properly.

Animal welfare is very important to the farmer and therefore he tries to treat his animals with care. Animal-friendly farming is the basic condition for a successful farm.

This only succeeds when people and animals live in harmony.

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