Historical farm

The Ronacherhof farm was first mentioned in a document in 1214. It was built by the bishops of Trento as a summer residence and was also used as a farm for cattle breeding and agriculture. The administrator had to give to the landlord every tenth part of his incoming already at that time. The Ronacherhof is therefore one of the oldest farms on the Ritten/Renon.
In 1640 it passed into private, peasant administration and experienced since then many generations and an animated history. In the Middle Ages it served for many years as a base for gypsies. After the Middle Ages it witnessed the German emperors who travelled over Ritten to reach Rome for the coronation. It survived the Habsburgs, the war against Napoleon in 1809, the monarchy, the republic, the world wars, the options. The Ronacherhof farm overcame all these happenings thanks to the devotion to the homeland and the sense of tradition of the many generations of the families who lived here, for 800 years. In 1860 it was bought by Johann Messner from the Sarntal valley. Since that time, it has been in the hands of the Messner families.

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