Sustainable farming and living on the farm.

The beginnings of sustainability can be found in agriculture and forestry. The topic of sustainability first appeared in forestry, in the use of forests. Farmers have always had the task of using the available resources sensibly and sustainably.
What is meant by sustainable farming? It is an economic principle in which raw materials
are used sensibly but carefully, whereby attention is paid above all to climate and
environmental compatibility and the natural regrowth of raw materials is taken into
Sustainable development in agriculture can only be achieved through the simultaneous and
equal implementation of social, economic and environmental aspects.
Existing resources must be used in a limited way so that they remain equally available for
future generations.
On farms, the issue of sustainability is constantly present. The appreciation of nature and
the animals as well as the use of the smallest possible cycles, such as the farm garden, the
potato harvester, the fresh milk, the warm egg from the chicken, the tea herbs on the
edge of the meadow etc. are an absolute matter of course.
Farm holidays raise many people's awareness of nature and the environment for their
everyday lives. Many farm holidaymakers find it both exciting and instructive that they are
actively involved in farm life and learn a lot about the responsible treatment of animals
and nature.
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