The traditional costume of Alto Adige!

For Alto Adige natives, costume is the traditional dress and a cultural heritage since the very past !
Alto Adige has a unique variety of costumes here in the Alps. Every valley or, even better, every place/town has its own costume which differs from others by color, model and decorations.

In Alto Adige the traditional costume is a very beautiful dress and natives wear it in special occasions such, for example, feasts.
The wearing of the traditional costume represents a sort of bond existing among natives and full awareness of an ancient popular culture. The tradition is carefully followed and transmitted from generation to generation.
Only high quality fabrics are used to make traditional costumes which, also, are only handmade.

Women wear a dress with apron while men instead the traditional indestructible leather pans.
It’s easily possible to allocate to which part of Alto Adige natives come from because of little differences such as: type of apron, socks, small or large hats magnificently decorated.
Another peculiarity relates to which part of the waist apron is knotted i.e.: left equals to “single”, right to “not single”.
Men instead proudly wear the “fatschn”; a leather belt usually richly embroidered with goose feather.
Nowadays the traditional costumes, which are skilfully done and embroidered, are mainly worn during feasts occasions. Many countrywomen still wear their traditional costumes.

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