Visit from the top!

On a beautiful winter day in February of this year. Most of the snow on the meadows has already melted again due to the warming sun. The days are getting longer again and you can already hear the first songbirds chirping in spring-like melodies.
I was just removing the bark from the freshly cut pine boards in our wood storage room right next to the house. This is important so that woodworms do not nest behind the bark and drill holes in the beautiful and valuable pine boards.
Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar noise and was a bit frightened at first.
When I turned around I was amazed!
A capercaillie had landed right next to me in our field where there is thick winter rye.
He was only 4 m away from me, calmly jumped onto the fence next to it and watched me.
Very slowly and calmly I tried to get closer to the capercaillie, which I later found out from a hunter, was a young male, in order to be able to observe him better.
The capercaillie showed no shyness and explored the field calmly.
After observing for some time, I sneaked away to get my children and show them this beautiful animal.
The capercaillie was no longer here. My children and I searched the surrounding meadows and soon discovered the capercaillie in the treetop of a nearby pine tree.
He stayed there for a while and then flew away again. Probably in his traditional territory at the top of the Rittner Horn where there is a constant population of capercaillie.

A great wildlife viewing experience!!!

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