The forest: Trees are talking – but how?

It’s silent. The moss smells good. The trees are moving in the sun, playing with the shadows and creating new light images. The woods leaves room for human beings, a safe place where they can find peace and new energy. Air is fresh. One tree can cover the oxygen need of ten people. Getting forest-bathed has been a therapy for a long time now, the woods are a hospital for souls.
Are trees able to communicate with each other?
Even though trees spend all of their existence in the same place, they are not silent and lonely beings. In the woods they have parents, relatives, friends, partners and enemies. With each one they create a bond. Their network is composed by veining in the trunk and in the roots and, through these, the top of the tree connects and communicates to the last tip of the roots. Their conversation is all about water and nutrients. To exchange informations with other trees, they use fungi and mashrooms that cover the soil. Through the air they exchange stench and scents, as if through a wifi connection. In this way, they warn their own kind of danger and parasites.

To keep the rittner forest healthy, the people who live in it have lots to do. It is very important to take care of the woods, so that it can thrive. In the last years in Ritten there have been heavy snowfalls and strong wind shears. The peasents are now experts: they free the woods from fallen trees very quickly. In this way they prevent parasites and beetles to get on healthy trees. Whole trunks become soon furniture and mill-material, whereas rotten wood is sold to the Rittner district heating. The little wood pieces left are both stocked or transformed in pellets for the stove in winter. In this way, the forest preserves its balance and South Tyrol its wood.
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