The earth pyramids on the Ritten

They rise beautifully and imposingly in the terrain. The graceful earth pyramids. They can be found on all continents, but the most beautiful and highest in Europe can be found here on the beautiful Ritten in the heart of South Tyrol.
The Ritten earth pyramids are a breathtaking natural spectacle that originated millions of years ago. Special conditions are needed for the earth pyramids to form. The subsoil must be loamy and fine-grained and large stones must be embedded in the earth. A wind-protected location and steep terrain are advantageous. Climatic requirements are heavy rainfall alternating with longer dry phases. This is because the rainwater washes ever larger grooves and furrows out of the soil. During the dry phases, the loamy soil hardens again and thus forms very resistant flanks. When a larger stone is washed out of the earth, it forms a roof and, like an umbrella, protects the earth underneath from the rain. In this way, over the course of several thousand years, a cone of earth is formed and thus a pyramid of earth. When the capstone of the pyramid loses its balance and falls down, the slow but sure disintegration of the earth pyramid begins, as the earth cone is now exposed to the rain showers without protection. And while one earth pyramid disappears as a result of this process, the next one is already being built further up the slope.
A visit to the earth pyramids on the Ritten is an unforgettable experience and lets you experience nature in a whole new way. Come by and experience these wonders of nature up close!
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