Tasty Guest Evening: Pizza Baking in the Historic Stone Oven

In summer, guests at Weberhof get the opportunity to collectively bake pizza in the historic bread oven.
When one sees smoke coming out the chimney during summer at Weberhof, it can only mean one thing: pizza. Regularly, guests get the chance to bake pizza together with the host family. This unique activity is not only fun for the children, also the adulds enjoy pizza nights a lot.

The History: From bread to pizza
However, the shared pizza evening not only promises delicious results but also takes guests on a journey into the historical past of the Weberhof. Center of the attention is the old stone oven, a piece of family history dating back to 1987. It was a father-son project when Walter Rottensteiner and his father Franz originally built the oven not for pizza but for baking bread. Before, they would have to go to a neighbouring farm to bake bread. Back then, usually most farms would have their own oven. Once a month, just before full moon they would bake bread together, which would then be dried on the so-called "Hurten" (wooden frames for storing bread).
The ingredients for the so-called "Bauernbreatl” (farmers bread) are mostly home-grown including the rye, wheat and a blend of spices like bread clover, anise, caraway, salt, sourdough and water. They ensure the authentic taste of the “Bauernbreatln”. Cut into smaller, crispy-dried pieces and soaked into warm milk it was eaten for breakfast or dinner. This used to be the so called farmer’s muesli back then. Only over time they realized that the oven could also be used for delicious pizzas.

The Process: From the Oven to the Pizza
The evening starts already in the afternoon by heating the stone oven to 300 degrees which is quite a time-consuming ritual. Meanwhile the dough is prepared, tomato sauce is made and various pizza toppings are filled into bowls.
Both young and old can choose their favorite creation from a delicious selection of ingredients. Especially the little guests love this creative part of the evening. Then the pizza is placed in the glowing hot ofen with a pizza peel and a “pizzaiolo” (pizza baker) attitude. The guests can watch live as their culinary masterpiece takes shape before landing on their plates after two to three quick minutes.
The community pizza baking at Weberhof is a social event allowing the guests to get to know each other and engage in conversation with the host family. And as the saying goes, it is the food through which people come together.
Recipe for Weberhof Pizza Dough
For those who want to bring a bit of vacation taste home during the year, here's the recipe for Weberhof pizza dough:

Ingredients for 8-10 Pizzas:
1000 g wheat or spelt flour
1 cube of yeast
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 teaspoons salt
1 pinch of sugar
550/600 ml warm water
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