The biotopes of Ritten/Renon - a very special experience

Renon boasts an amanzing reserve of biotopes. The term "biotope" is derived from the Greek words "bios", meaning "life", and "topos" meaning "place"
Although Renon is considered a low-moisture area, there are some wetlands to be found.

Several ponds and moors provide a protected habitat for an abundance of different plants and animals. And so Renon`s biotopes are a popular destination for nature lovers, not only because of the peace we find there, but above all because of their impressive assemblage of beautifully unique plants and critters.
The plant life at the Mitterstieler See pond, playground for many insects, is truly unique. This idyllic pond serenely lies embedded in a warmth-loving pine forest with a view of the Dolomites. Only the buzzing of dragonflies and other insects can be heard. Nor far, there is another pond well worth a visit, the Scharze Lacke.
Another much-loved spot for nature enthusiasts is the Kemater Weiher pond. This one intrigues primarily with its many water lilies, frogs, fish, newts and numerous kinds of insects.

One of the most-see moors in Renon, next to a few smaller ones, is the one at Loden. In its vicinity, almost mystically, lies another biotope, the Kircher Lacke, where unique moist-loving plants can be spotted.

No matter how you look at them, Renon`s biotopes are natural monuments worthy to be protected.

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